Offering full wedding days: 6,8,10, 12+ hours
California wedding rates start at $3,500 for 8 hours of traditional coverage (60+ guests).



What are you getting?

  • wedding coverage by yours truly
  • vendor recommendations (where applicable)
  • 50+ high resolution edited photos per hour booked. Delivered via online gallery. So 6 hours = 300+, 10 hours = 500+.
  • No limit on what photos are delivered! You'll get ALL of the best ones. So it could be 300 photos or it could be 1,000.
  • I shoot with two cameras most of the day, which means extra coverage + angles. Plus, this means I have a backup camera in the crazy event something happens.
  • A wedding professional who is more than happy to guide and help you through the stress that can be wedding planning.
  • wedding questionnaire that has all your wants, needs, and expectations written plainly out so your day can go off without a hitch!
  • I'm insured! I have liability insurance which means I can work at all venues and national parks, legally. I have also obtained work visas for other countries, I've got your back when it comes to doing this step right.
  • an associate shooter for your ceremony + getting ready (which means even more angles). For all day packages (10+ hours), they'll be with us all day as well.
  • an experienced, enthusiastic photographer friend who loves making people happy and being a part of the most special moments in life.
  • optional film add on

Let's get started


Hit that contact form! Please include as much info as possible (not just about your wedding, but also about both of you)!! This way I can get you a tailored quote ready and have a feel for your personalities!


We set up a video chat!

When capturing SUCH a special day, I think it is vital to actually talk and see if we vibe. This helps all of us feel more comfortable + connect.


Book if we feel that it's a good fit!

I will now be your official friend (let's be real, I'll be your friend at 1.)

I love connecting with my clients on social media and giving a helping hand wherever possible! Wedding planning can be so stressful and I'm here to help.


Meet at YOUR wedding!!

Now that we've cultivated a friendship, you can breathe much easier when all of your needs/wants/dreams have been shared with someone who is there to make sure all your moments are captured!

ex: your love story + a little about you

Photography is an investment because you are capturing moments for a lifetime. You’ll have them to share with all those you hold dear and your future posterity. 

Sometimes it’s hard to remember how it felt. Photos help boost our memories and keep them alive! Weddings go by FAST. All these emotions to process in a short span of time, our brains get overloaded. 

Photo (and video) is all you’ll have in 5, 10, 50 years.

or email: takkephotography@gmail.com

Not in Utah/California? I'll come to you!

you are safe and welcome here



Do you travel?

YES I love to travel, anywhere and everywhere!

On average, how much do clients typically spend when booking with you?

My wedding couples typically invest between $3,500-$4,500!

How much is the retainer/deposit for weddings?

For weddings, I charge a $500 non refundable retainer to hold your date!

How many pictures will we receive for a wedding?

For weddings I guarantee 50+ edited photos per hour booked! I am an oversharer though, so this is your warning. On average my clients receive between 700-1,000 images.

We're awkward, and need help with posing. Do you pose us?

Yes! I pose and prompt you to bring out those good laughs and sweet emotions. I'm always trying to make your experience fun and easy going so it won't be those awkward smiling at the camera photos, but don't worry you'll get some of those too.

Can I see a full wedding gallery?

Absolutely! Email for past gallery links!

How will our photos be delivered?

All your photos are delivered in high resolution via online gallery which you get to download/share as many times as you want with full printing and social media rights. The album expires after a certain amount of time, but you'll get an email notifying you when it's expiring. I also keep your edited photos on an external hard drive just in case, but it's best if you download them to a safe place!

Do you offer printing? Do I have to print through you?

I do offer easy access printing directly through your gallery!
Nope!! You can print with whoever you want, with full printing rights for personal use!

Will you photoshop things out of photos or alter my appearance?

If something is small and easy to take out, I usually will remove it! If it's a regular part of the landscape/area, then no, I will leave it. I try to shoot in a way as to minimize the amount of photoshopping I'll have to do. I like to save that time of your editing to work on skin!
With every session, you get 3 edits. So if you want me to slim your arm/leg/body in one photo, or swap a face from a different photo, this counts as one edit!! I try to keep my photos more lifestyle and less "perfect" because that's just how life is! It's messy and I'm more focused on capturing the moments and the emotions.

When will we get our photos back?

My turn around time for weddings is 15-90 days! I do typically send previews within a week of the wedding. I am such a perfectionist and spend a lot of time editing.

Do you have a bucket list?!

I sure do!!!! Email for this info!

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

4+ years full time doing this wonderful gig! I've had the chance to travel and meet so many incredible people. I've been doing photography for 6 years total.

What gear do you shoot with?

I primarily shoot on the Canon 6D + the Canon 5D MKIV. I also have a backup Canon 5D MKIII, Sony A6000, and a Canon A-1 film camera.