Before you think "I don't need a videographer." "I don't really care for wedding videos." "I don't want a cheesy video." Stop right there.

we have none of that here. a Video will capture your day in a way that a photo can't. I hate to admit it, but photos aren't everything. Videos bring back all the feelings, sounds, the soul of the day, and a talented VIDEOGRAPHER sees things differently than a PHOTOGRAPHER does.


Watch some of her videos and tell me you don't feel.

Because I sure do! Not only is she an amazing human, but she has such an incredible ability to capture TRUE emotions. Her storytelling abilities are unreal. I am constantly in awe of how talented she is and how genuine.

Check out her site to learn more about her, because she really is worth having for your once in a lifetime day.

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reasons to hire a photo + video team


Like Jack Johnson said, we're better when we're together. Not only will you be getting two separate wedding professionals, but you're getting two people who already vibe. We know how the other one works, we are in sync (not the band, unfortunately), we bounce ideas off the other, we're more creative and bring more to the table.



Everyone likes to save a penny when they can! Not only do you usually get more coverage for booking us together, BUT you'll save $$$$$ on travel by having us together. (We also have a bucket list discount!)


You hire us together. You won't have to worry about who to pay when, it's all made simple. ONE contract, you only pay one of us, we handle everything for you together and help with the stress of wedding planning.

you are safe and welcome here