Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm based about 40 minutes south of Salt Lake City, UT, United States! And YES I love to travel, anywhere and everywhere! I just require that my travel expenses are covered for out of state, and I definitely try to find the cheapest ways of doing so (SLC is also an international airport, so we have great prices!)

When will we get our photos (weddings)?

My turn around time for weddings is 30-90 days! I know it can be hard to wait but I promise it's worth it. I definitely try to send previews when I am able to! I am such a perfectionist and spend a lot of time editing.

How many pictures will we receive for a wedding?

For weddings I guarantee 50+ edited photos per hour booked! I am an oversharer though, so this is your warning.

Can I see a full wedding gallery?

Absolutely! Email for past gallery links!

How much is the retainer/deposit for weddings?

For weddings, I charge a $500 non refundable retainer to hold your date.

When will we get our photos (regular shoots)?

My turn around for regular sessions (like engagements, formals, family, maternity, etc) is 2-3 weeks!
Births are 2-6 weeks depending on content, but I always send a preview for births within 72 hours unless I'm traveling!

How many pictures will we receive for a regular shoot?

A regular hour shoot I typically send anywhere from 60-150+ edits. You're guaranteed 40 edited photos per hour! So 20 edited photos for a mini, and 80 photos for a two hour session (etc). You'll always get the best photos and I'll never cap it at a specific number!

Do I have to print through you? Do you offer printing?

Nope!! You can print with whoever you want, with full printing rights for personal use!
And I don't offer printing but I am more than happy recommending sites and labs who are great.

Can we get all the photos you took at our session?

I don't share RAW files because first they are HUGE. For example a 64GB card only holds 1,500 RAW photos. 64GB!! Secondly, you hired me for my editing/style. You can't see this with RAW photos because 50% of the work is in editing!
The only exception is content creators who use their own editing, and commercial photography for advertising and inventory purposes.

How will our photos be delivered?

All your photos are delivered in high resolution via online gallery which you get to download/share as many times as you want with full printing and social media rights. The album expires after a certain amount of time, but you'll get an email notifying you when it's expiring. I also keep your edited photos on an external hard drive just in case, but it's best if you download them to a safe place!

Will you photoshop things out of photos or alter my appearance?

If something is small and easy to take out, I usually will remove it! If it's a regular part of the landscape/area, then no, I will leave it. I try to shoot in a way as to minimize the amount of photoshopping I'll have to do. I like to save that time of your editing to work on skin!
With every session, you get 3 edits. So if you want me to slim your arm/leg/body in one photo, or swap a face from a different photo, this counts as one edit!! I try to keep my photos more lifestyle and less "perfect" because that's just how life is! It's messy and I'm more focused on capturing the moments and the emotions.

"We're awkward, and need help with posing. Do you pose us?"

Yes! I pose and prompt you to bring out those good laughs and sweet emotions. I'm always trying to make your experience fun and easy going so it won't be those awkward smiling at the camera photos, but don't worry you'll get some of those too.

Do you do boudoir?

YES! I love doing boudoir shoots but I don't share them because the comfort of my clients is very important to me. Email if you want to see examples!

do you allow for reschedules (regular shoot)?

I understand that things happen, but your retainer is essentially "holding your spot" and I only take on so many clients at a time/per month. So your retainer fee is good for ONE reschedule as long as notice is given at least 2 weeks before your session for weekends + 72 hours before your session for weekdays. A new date must also be chosen at the time of cancellation. After this, a new retainer is required to book a different date and your old one does not go towards your total. Previous rate is only good for the time it was originally booked. Retainers are 100% non-refundable and always required to book a session. If you downgrade your session (example from a full session to a mini session), only 30% of your original retainer will be applied to your session, and a new retainer will be required to book. The retainer fee is non transferable for mini sessions.

How much is the retainer/deposit for regular shoots?

The retainer fee is $75 for most shoots and $100 for births. This amount goes towards your total and is non-refundable.