Private Laguna beach wedding

One thing the pandemic did was encourage more people to elope!

Anna + Shane decided to elope on 01.01.2021 with only their three closest friends! (The fourth joined for dinner).

They had access to a private gated community in Laguna Beach, California.

They did a first look in the morning, followed by watching a tender video of all their family and friends congratulating them! This was a bitter sweet moment since not everyone could travel for their day and they also didn't want to have a big wedding.

We then went down to the beach, and had their private vows! Lots of crying was involved. They did a ring blessing as well during the ceremony.

Next, a simple sand Unity Ceremony, marriage license signing, and kind words with their friends.

Then of course, pictures!

Anna is a photographer as well and this was sooo important to her to really get.

These bridal photos are probably some of my FAVORITES I've ever taken. The groom was chatting and taking a break while we did these lol (and hyping her up of course!).

We got to slow down and really play with A's dress, and also really capture the tender moments between them both. We took a lot more couple photos that evening when they had their picnic and first dance at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego.

This day was split into two parts.

Honey Fox Films + I did this wedding together, which was such a treat.

You can see the video below!

Anna + Shane By Honey Fox Films