pictured: The Grand America hotel, Downtown SLC Utah. Florals by Blooms and Co, arch by Rustic urban goods

pick your photographer with confidence

hunting for your wedding photographer can be stressful.


ask to see a full wedding gallery

This is a great indicator of what to expect. Even if the photographer has changed their editing style, seeing full galleries will give you a better idea of if they have actually worked weddings before and not just put portfolio pieces on their site to sell you. You will also be able to see how they capture things in different lighting scenarios.

Feel free to email me at: takkephotography@gmail.com to view a complete wedding gallery!

do they have google reviews

It takes one search to see if the photographer you are interested in has a real google page, that has been reviewed by actual people. Site testimonials are great, but seeing the real reviews is definitely a good indicator as well.

Of course this isn't a make or break, some photographers never set up their google search and some do!

Pictured: Vibrant Florals by Brontes Floral, Sundance, Utah

do they seem like someone you could be friends with

I know this one sounds silly, but on your wedding day, your photographer is going to be up close and personal for some of your most intimate special moments. You definitely want to find someone you can trust and that you're comfortable with.


Does this photographer only share photos on social media from Styled Shoots?

If you don't know what a styled shoot is, basically it's a portfolio building session where other vendors will collaborate to bring a specific idea to life. They hire/collaborate with models, florists, planners, etc, and pick a good time of day to yield the best results. Styled shoots are great for portfolios, getting inspired, and attracting "ideal clients", but if they only have styled work, they might not have experience working an actual wedding day - when there are unforeseen circumstances to handle, lighting might not be ideal, and honestly most people aren't natural "models" and don't like being in front of the camera. These are things to look out for when hiring a photographer/filmmaker or any vendor really!

Although styled shoots look beautiful in portfolios and can DEFINITELY showcase imagery well - I myself love putting together shoots sometimes and creating new concepts to play around with.

Pictured: Magical Planning by Pryor Events at the El Encanto by Belmond, in Santa Barbara, California

is their style something you want hanging in your home

Remember that the ultimate goal is to CAPTURE your memories for a LIFETIME.

a very clear contract of what's included in their services

A typically used sales technique is not offering digital files in your package or only X amount, meaning you'll only get 100 and have to pay to download the rest. You might not even get permission to print without using their print services. Even though this model works for many photographers, just make sure you have clear communication and know what exactly you're getting!