have you ever been so in love that it resonated to everyone around you?

Taylor and Nick have a beautiful passion for life, but more than that, they have such a deep love and connection to their families that it's not something many in this world get to experience.

That feeling of belonging, of being cherished and loved so completely that you can never imagine life any other way.

This was how their day was

Such overflowing JOY was felt for all involved.

Everyone was present, welcomed this beautiful union and merging of two families.

I was blessed by being a part of this day. For being welcomed into the fold of such genuine souls.

They spent the whole week with their families starting in Salinas, and making their way down the coast to the Big Sur Lodge where they played games and .

From starting the day with a small walk and their pup, to getting ready in a intimate cabin, with all the cousins and grandmas steaming the veil (see below), Taylors family made the floral arrangements the night before, something borrowed and blue for the bride, first look at the beach, a beautiful ceremony and thoughtful officiant, all the forest vibes, then to a small bakery tucked away in Big Sur. Where the staff was so attentive, the food and drinks were flowing, and the toasts were tender and prompted many tears. Then to dancing in the cozy bakery space, and watching Taylor dance with a grandma on each hand, her cousins putting on an impromptu show when Mama Mia came on, the dance party was like a dance party you would have in your living room on a Saturday night.

It was so pure and absolutely perfect. I can't imagine a better day.

amazing vendors


Ceremony Venue: Big Sur Lodge

Dinner + Party: Big Sur Bakery

Film: Honey Fox Films (my most wonderful video partner)

Dress: Grace Loves Lace