In 2020 backyard weddings made a come back

a lot of couples are now opting for smaller weddings that are more intimate + intentional... While utilizing the spaces available to them!

Of course not everyone has a large or "amazing" backyard, but here are some of my favorite backyard weddings I've had the opportunity to photograph! Airbnb and VRBO are also another option if you don't want to use your own space!

Another perk of using an Airbnb or VRBO is that you can have some of your guests (or those closest to you) stay the weekend and have one big party split into multiple days! This is a great option for destination weddings. (Make sure to check with the Airbnb or VRBO before booking to see if they allow events.)

Pros of backyard weddings

No official end time

A lot of venues have very strict ending times. A perk of using your own space is that you get to make your own schedule!

Not to mention, you have the ability to get ready in your own home + really take a moment to breathe through the day.

liquor + catering

In a lot of states, you have to hire a licensed bartender and even then they can only serve certain types of alcohol. Some venues only allow wine and beer. When you're using private land, you might have more options.

Of course look into your county + state laws (and drink responsibly)

Some places won't cater to private residences (because they need a big kitchen or liability reasons), but some will! Many venues require that you meet their minimum or use their catering.

potential for saving $$

Weddings are expensive. I get it! You can save on cost by using your own space BUT just remember you will have to outsource things like: lighting, tables, chairs, decor, etc.

Weigh the pros and cons. Is it going to be A LOT of work and headache to use your own yard?? Then maybe a venue is a better option for you.

cons of backyard weddings

curfew + Cleanup

Depending on where your home is, and what day, you might have to shut down your party around 11pm. More remote locations you can get away with staying up very late (just keep the music down).

You have to consider who is going to be doing the cleanup! (And possibly Setup as well depending on your rentals.)


If you're inviting people into your home + space, you might want to keep your guest count on the lower end. Neighbors also might come poking their noses in to say hello. This could be a Pro as well, since many couples use hotels for venues, and many hotels have other guests at their spaces (unless you book out the whole hotel, which would be kinda crazy but all the power to you.)

no indoor space

Sudden rain/wind/snow/bad air in the forecast??! Many venues offer indoor and outdoor spaces just for this reason.

Backyard Wedding Inspiration

all images shown are mine