meet Alexia

Wedding videographer for the raw + honest moments.

We met at a wedding a couple years ago and IMMEDIATELY clicked. Since then we have shot many weddings together (and many more to come!).

What people say about Alexia

Maryn G.

"Alexia was great to work with. She made one of the most tender moments of our marriage come to life. She made the person watching the film feel the emotion that was created in the moment. She is amazing at what she does and would recommend her to anyone!"

Michele L.

"My husband and I are very shy on camera, but Alexia has a unique magic to connect with the environment and take a great shot of your best moments. The work done by her is unique, transparent and innovative. She is the best!"

Photo + Video packages

starting at $9,000

you are safe and welcome here


Before you think "I don't need a videographer." "I don't really care for wedding videos." "I don't want a cheesy video." Stop right there.

we have none of that here. a Video will capture your day in a way that a photo can't. I hate to admit it, but photos aren't everything. Videos bring back all the feelings, sounds, those little butterflies of excitement, and a talented VIDEOGRAPHER sees things differently than a PHOTOGRAPHER does.