The Face Behind The Lens

I'm Lisa, and I'm basically in love with love. And food. And making people smile.

I was born in the sunny hills of San Diego, California; now I am currently residing in the beautiful mountains of Utah. Lover of the ocean, sunshine, books, music, terrible puns, and my wonderful family. I have two amazing children, three cats, and a sexy AF husband who supports me through it all.

I could probably write a novel on WHY you should *pick* me, but I know that's not what you're here for. You're here to find a photographer who sees you and your story. But rest assured I will be crying on your day because I do actually care, I'll also be cracking jokes (when appropriate, obviously) and bringing some great positive vibes as well.

When you think wedding photographer, you think of someone who comes and takes photos, poses you, stands awkwardly in the corner while your guests mingle, eats cake shamelessly... etc. BUT, not only am I your "photographer", but I am also your therapist, your errand person, your adventure/hiking buddy, your hair and makeup artist, your improve singer when needed, your snack keeper, your partial wedding planner, and also your friend.